TitlePhysics for the IB Diploma (6th Ed.)

Author: K.A. Tsokos

Publishing company: Cambridge University Press

Deep and thorough explanation of every single aspect of the syllabus. Many different questions, enabling one to test his knowledge, but also to prepare himself for the actual exams. All in all, the best IB Physics book available on the market!

TitleIB Physics Course Book 2014 Edition

Author: D. Homer & M. Bowen-Jones

Publishing company: Oxford University Press

Covers the IB Physics syllabus in a way that is easy to understand. However, it lacks in exercises and depth of explanation of some concepts.

TitlePhysics (Kognity)

Author: Various

Publishing company: Kognity

A very easy to understand online material, however lacking the level of sophistication required for IB Physics. It is worth using it as a first contact with hard concepts, in order to acquire a more superficial and broad view.


TitleKhan Academy

Founder: Sal Khan

Although not directly related to the IB Diploma, Khan Academy is one of the best available educational websites in the world, especially due to its excellent videos. It is recommended for students struggling to understand one specific concept, for instance, electromagnetic induction.


Founder: C. R. Nave

Another website that is not designed specifically for IB Physics but covers in a very sophisticated way the whole syllabus (and more). Very useful for students wanting to expand their knowledge on this subject or seeking an interesting topic for their Internal Assessment projects.


Papers: Besides reading, solving papers is one of the most important parts to prepare for the IB Physics real exams!

Images: The images throughout the entire website are associated with a hyperlink that sends you directly to the source, which likely has extra useful learning content!