IB Physics Team

Maria Eduarda Ticianelli Lopes


Physics and Biology developer

After the frustration of not taking her exams due to COVID, Maria Eduarda decided she needed to provide other IB students taking the exams in November with the best reviewing material, so they could do as well as they would have in May. Passionate for the sciences, being a former Physics HL and Biology SL herself, she is coordinating the expansion of the website to more subjects.

Maria Leonor Saramago

Chemistry and Biology developer

A wannabe scientist and a passionately curious student, Maria Leonor is determined to make her two years of relentless study for HL Chemistry and SL Biology be worth it for others. Straightforward and practical are the two qualities she values in a summary, and how she expects to transfer to other students her experience of what you really need to know to ace the IB science exams!

Anna Paula Toggweiler

Biology developer

As a humanities student lost in the world of natural sciences, Anna is very intrigued by the study of living organisms and has as principle that knowledge should be accessible for everyone. Having studied Biology HL for two years, she became very good at drawing kidneys and now hopes to help other students by sharing her knowledge.

Morris Revkolevsky

Physics developer and image editor

Morris is what you could describe as your friendly neighborhood mad scientist that loves Technology. That is why he did not hesitate to be a part of ib-physics.net. He hopes his work can help others in their IB journey as much as the site helped him.

Manuela Tendolini Ribeiro

Designer and image editor

Aspiring to become a graphic designer, Manuela has always been passionate about visual communication. And also as a former IB student, she wants to contribute to introduce the content of the website in the best way possible for other IB students to learn.



Physics developer

Isabel’s love for astrophysics was one of the main reasons for her to choose Physics as one of her IB subjects. Having finished the course and done the astrophysics option, Isabel now wishes to pass on all the knowledge she's gained, perhaps making the IB experience a little bit easier for current students.



Designer and image editor

Julia has always been connected to arts, therefore she has been helping the visual characteristics of the website. She helped with the production of images for the better comprehension of the content. After graduating, she decided to join the team to improve the Design of the websites interface.



Alonso Bilfinger


Yale University Student

After achieving 92% in Physics HL in the IB Diploma in 2017, Fernando realized that exam results depend on the quality of the study material. Thus, he decided to combine his own revision notes with the best he could find in books, websites, and papers, in order to provide all students with the tools to nail IB Physics. He designed free IB educational websites and has been working to broaden their content ever since.

André Widmann Civitareale


André profited from educational websites throughout his journey with the IB Diploma. With a passion for both chemistry and design, he joined Fernando with the aim of merging high-quality content with excellent layouts. He has been responsible for improving the users' experience through constant feedback and arduous study.  

Kevin Sebastian Petersson


Due to a strong will to share his knowledge, Kevin joined Fernando to create free content for IB Chemistry students. Equipped with a vast experience that helped him achieve a 7 in SL, he developed excellent content that includes every single aspect of the SL syllabus and has been creating the HL part as well.

Former Developers and Contributors

Isabela Ticianelli Lopes

Physics Developer

Imperial College Student

As a former IB Physics HL student, Isabela wishes to achieve the best possible results and help other students do it too. Thus, developing content for ib-physics.net has not only been helping her prepare for the exams but also been a way to spread what she learns everyday in school. 



Chemistry Developer

One "chemistry-freak," Desirée enjoys studying about every single atom, molecule, and structure that composes the world. Having (naturally) studied IB Chemistry HL, she now seeks to spread her love for Chemistry by proving other IB students with an excellent study material. 



Biology Developer

As soon as Carol found out about Fernando's initiative with IB Physics, she decided to join the team and use the knowledge she acquired whilst achieving 7 in Biology SL to create study material for biology students. She has been delving into varied sources in order to distill the most important information.

Matheus Hartschuh

Chemistry Contributor

Matheus has a natural curiosity about various subjects. Hence, nothing seemed more natural to him than to foster that curiosity in other students too. The best way he found to achieve his aim is helping to develop the websites' content and spread them to students around the globe.



Physics Contributor

Having been both an enthusiastic programmer and robotics teacher, Marco has been helping to improve the websites' interface. With a great knowledge about physics and webdesign, he brings refreshing ideas to the team.



Physics Contributor

Victor thoroughly enjoys both acquiring and sharing knowledge. Giving tips to improve the website's content and design has been an important part of their development process.



Physics Contributor

One of the website's first users, Pedro's feedback whilst a Physics HL student has been vital to improve the website. After graduating, he decided to join the team and test new features on the website.



Physics Contributor

João has always enjoyed learning about multiple topics within physics. As an IB student, he decided to take IB Physics HL and got in contact with this website, which prompted him to help improving its content.